Custom Videos


Videos start at $10/minute, with a minimum of 5 minutes.

I’m open to filming a lot of different content, but if in doubt just email me! You can see from my store that I enjoy trying out different things, so you might well be in luck!

Email me and tell me what you have in mind! Try to give me as much information as you can (length of video, outfit, content, words to be used, etc). Props or supplies which need purchased for the purpose of the video will need to be paid for by you in advance. When we are both happy and I have agreed to do your custom and given you a price, you can pay, and I can get started.

You can pay in one of two ways, but unless you mention it I shall assume that you are going for option number 1:

  • In full in advance, and when the video is ready I give you a link by email to where you can download it.
  • OR You pay half upfront, and when the video is ready you will be able to buy it on Clips4Sale for the remaining amount.

I film using my Logitech C920 HD webcam at 1920 x 1080 (1080p). I render it at the same size, in and deliver it to you in MP4.

All videos will be watermarked “Scotty Hottie”. Videos are solely for your personal use and enjoyment and you have no right to sell, modify or distribute my content. Doing so without a model release, you are in fact breaking the law and I will be able to take action against you.

Contact me here