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So it’s that time of year again…

Naked on cam

Coming up to Christmas that is. The shops have been bombarding us for months, the TV is now constant Christmas adverts. Buy this, buy that, blah blah. It drives me insane. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but it’s really not the same as it was when I was little. Although, at the time, we probably didn’t realise how stressed and pressurised our parents felt. So much for Christmas cheer and joy! Even more nowadays, it just seems like a reason for people to spend money. Often for no reason, buying gifts for people of things that they neither need nor particularly want. OK, OK, I’m done being a miserable bitch! 😉 I love Christmas regardless. Putting up the tree and the rest of the decorations, shopping and wrapping gifts, Christmas morning, the movies on the TV, the FOOOOOD, the drink, the carbohydrates/fat binging.

So, what am I doing this year? Well, at around 3 am on Christmas day we’ll be driving down to England together with two cats to spend the day with family, staying over and leaving on Boxing Day. Oh, the stress! Driving for hours with two howling beasts, then taking them into a strange house with strange people. Should hopefully be fine, and it’ll be great to see everyone, some of whom I haven’t seen in years. Apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day, my Christmas week will be a quiet one at home, and “business as usual”! I get withdrawal symptoms if I’m not on cam for a few days in a row, so you’ll be glad to know that you can’t get rid of me! 😀 So Skype shows and camming on Adultwork will be more than do-able most days.

It has only snowed here for about 2 minutes in total so far, which is a little disappointing. I loooove the snow. Last year we didn’t’ get much either, although the year before everything ground to a halt. Regardless, it’s still pretty bloody cold! So, I’m relying on you naughty boys to come and keep me warm on cam with lots of energetic sessions and tingling orgasms! 😉

Caitlin xxx

PS: First newsletter is going out on the 15th (going to be a monthly affair at the moment) and will include exclusive photos of me not posted anywhere else. So still time to sign up to get the first newsletter. 😀 Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve sort of settled into a routine of updating my blog Mondays and Fridays, so you know! 😉

Some early Christmas cheer, here you go!

Being a camgirl IS a job, you know. A hard one (no pun intended). Couldn’t live without it though!

In see through black top on cam

I love my job, I love my guys that I play with and chat to each day. I love  the freedom and the flexibility that this job gives me. A few years ago I would never have imagined what I would be doing now! I can wear whatever I like to work, I can start and finish whenever I like. I can work from anywhere. I can decide to take the day off. I can decide to not cam, but just to do clips. My job is multifauceted – camming, taking photos, filming clips, editing, marketing, advertising, my website, my blog, doing phone chat, text chat, exchanging emails with guys. I always have a to do list on the go and I’m always on the go. I hate having nothing to do, or being bored, and thankfully I never am!

One of the typical major cons of being self employed, and on top of that, working from home, is that you never really “go home” or stop working, but this is something that I really don’t mind. From the morning when I turn on my computer until when I go to bed, there’s always something work related going on, whether it’s someone enquiring about a show, or replying to emails about custom requests. Of course, when I’m online on Adultwork for live webcam, that is me very much “at work” so to speak, just because I am logged in and can be taken into a show at any moment. The rest of the time I’m still always doing something, while being available for Skype shows too.

I do also really enjoy the work I do, and it’s not just the convenience of working from home and being self employed! I really enjoy doing shows, whatever they entail. It’s not all dildo play. It is sometimes just a nice cosy chat, other times I might be humiliating some very content and happy chap, or I might be doing a fetish show (from tights to queefing and a million other things!). Another great love of mine is filming fetish clips (and less often masturbation/sex clips – I’d rather do that live, with someone watching me! 😉 ). Coming up with ideas, trying out new fetishes, it’s very interesting for me and a lot of fun! I’m not entirely sure that I myself have any fetishes of my own (yet) but I do have a great time exploring them.

So, where am I going with this? What I don’t enjoy about my job, that’s what.

  • People who don’t think this is a “real” job. Hate to break it to you but I work 40-60+ hours a week. I pay taxes every year.
  • People who think it’s not a “useful” job. Well, neither is being a footballer, or a politician in most cases. But like all entertainers, I’m here to put a smile on your face, and that is what I do! (unless you’re a pain slut!).
  • People who complain that I’m “expensive”. These folk obviously don’t understand that camsites and payment processors take a cut for the service that they provide me. I never get 100%. I have various expenses related to my work, and I have bills to pay like any other person too.
  • People who expect me to do free/half price/Paypal Skype shows or “show tits bb”. Right, if I wasn’t being paid for my shows, then I wouldn’t be able to stay at home and Skype for free. I would need to go and get a different job, and then wouldn’t have time to Skype with these guys for free. So how does that work?! I love my job but I won’t work for free! Just because I really enjoy my job, should I be expected to do it for free? Ask a plumber who loves his job to unblock your toilet for free – tell me how that goes. Haha!

So, to sum up, the only things I don’t like are people who are out to waste my time anyway! 😉 Spending time with genuine guys on cam, and getting emails from guys who have bought and enjoyed my videos… these guys make my fucking day. 😀 You know who you are, and I love you kinky bastards!

Caitlin xxx

Why I love being a camgirl, and why I love playing with you naughty boys.


With regards to the webcam side of things (for as you know I partake in many different avenues!) I do really enjoy it, and have done since day one. Despite my acute nervousness that first time! I’m a girl, and of course I love the compliments that I get, I love knowing that men are attracted to me and want to fuck me. I love knowing that they are stroking their cocks for me while I am getting naughty for them on webcam (I often get to see this too!).

Buying sexy lingerie and outfits that I wouldn’t otherwise need so much of, getting ready for camming, doing my hair and make up. It’s all part of it and gets me anticipating what I’m going to be doing later on and who I’m going to be doing it with! I only had a couple of toys when I started (as many as is really needed for personal use!) but now I have a whole collection and it’s fun using them all, sometimes I let the boys choose!

I can have a lot of fun even without getting off myself. Oh of course, I love playing and having orgasms (who doesn’t!?), but I always get plenty of opportunity to do that multiple times! What I mean is that I don’t need to be masturbating to have fun. Chatting is fun too, as are humiliation or domination sessions, or obscure fetish sessions. This is a major part of my enjoyment – I never know what the next show I do might bring! I might be spanking my ass with a wooden spoon, or hoovering my feet! I love the surprises, and being kept on my toes. It adds a lot of excitement, the not knowing.

It’s not exactly that I was ever not open minded, however I lived a much more sheltered life shall we say! Camming has opened up my eyes to what people enjoy doing and watching. There is no such thing as normal, and that’s fine. Normal is not being normal. We all have our own little quirks, kinks and preferences, and that’s what makes life interesting!

A hazard of working online – surplus online profiles!

On cam in seamed stockings, suspenders, pink cropped top, crotchness panties and heels

I think it happens to a lot of girls. You discover webcamming and your first site where you can do so, and then you go Google and forum crazy and start signing up to everything going! I know this is the case for me! First I signed up for Adultwork, then I think my next stop was MyGirlFund, then MyFreeCams and ExtraLunchMoney, followed by Streamate and Clips4Sale. And then I set up a Twitter, a profile on MyPornProfile. During this time I also set up various pointless profiles, from Facebook, to MySpace, Fubar, LittleBlueBook and others that I can’t even remember. This is not even counting new camsites that looked like the next big thing, but were definitely not!

This past week I finally decided to do a little spring cleaning! I must have deleted around 10 profiles, and there’s a couple more where I am waiting to be removed! It’s easy to forget what you have signed up for, I bet I’m forgetting one or two. Anyway, what I’m saying is… you can spread yourself too thin, especially when you are signing up to sites that have absolutely no potential. But, you’ve got to try and see for yourself. And… what works for one girl may not work for the next. Trial and error!

So, what am I left with? Well… I’ve kept a couple that I might or might not use in the future, such as Streamate (I would love to try it when I get an Internet upgrade, it’s a very demanding site), MyFreeCams (determined to crack this one day) and MyGirlFund (ditto).  Social media I have Twitter, Moby Picture and MyPornProfile.

Oh, before I forget, I have a couple of profiles on Independent camgirl listings (in other words I advertise my Skype shows there). Firstly, CamGirlCollective, run by the lovely Tristan and Rudger at WeCamGirls. Secondly, DominosDamsels, run by the sexy Domino. Thirdly, CammodelDirectory run by the charming Mark.

So, are you confused? Yes, so I am. I should never have signed up to so much, and I should try and keep on top of it all, and delete as needed! 😉 To summarise, My own website, Adultwork and Clips4Sale are what I’m concentrating on at the moment. If you come across a profile of me that I haven’t mentioned, it probably means I have forgotten about it! Hehe!

Getting introduced to webcamming, and becoming a dirty minx.

Live on cam in stockings and black lingerie.

Making the transition from phone sex to much much more, including indecently exposing myself on webcam!

So, as I was saying… somebody told me about Adultwork. So I had to go and check it out, as it sounding amazing/interesting/crazy. Hard to imagine, but prior to this time I knew absolutely nothing about webcamming. Yes, I had been on porn sites with pop ups I presume, but I never noticed or paid attention to the cam site adverts! One track mind, me… 🙂 Initially logging into Adultwork, I felt a little bit overwhelmed, nervous and excited, just thinking about what I would soon be getting up to! At this time, I was still working with the phone sex company, and as much as I hate to break it to you guys, and as much as I love being naughty, I still need to pay my bills! So this means that I was not able to just jump straight into camming, due to pay dates and constraints. I was forced to stay on the phones for a month or so until everything co-aligned and I was able to transition over to Adultwork! Having said that… I did pop on to cam briefly when I had time, but let me get to that when I get to that!

From the perspectives of both the performers and also the punters, Adultwork has an awful lot to offer. There are so many services available, different ways to connect with guys. This is the reason that most newbies who sign up think that Adultwork is really complicated. That’s only because they are coming from a simple cam only site. Adultwork does take a lot of reading and exploring, but it’s most definitely worth it. Whichever side of the screen you are on, this is what Adultwork has to offer: escorts, webcam (pay per min or pre-booked Skype), DirectIM (instant messaging, text only), phone chat (pay per min, or pre-booked), erotica (audio or written), movie clips to stream, rental movies, private photo galleries, free photo galleries, market place (from electronics to used socks, with a wish list option). I think I’ve got it all! So yes, of course it takes a while to read up on things if you are a provider. If you are a horny guy, you have the luxury of just jumping in and having fun! 😉

S0, considering that I had little time to spare, and I was a virgin to this sort of depravity, I started off gently and slowly with instant messaging and sharing a few dirty pics in my private gallery. I loved chatting to those horny guys online, and I loved seeing when they had gotten access to my gallery, knowing that they were wanking over my pics! It was all quite exciting! I had phone chat enabled a few times too, although I still to this day find that rather quiet in comparison to the company I worked with previously, where the phone was always ringing. As for getting onto webcam… I really wanted to do it, but I was so scared and nervous! The number of times that I got everything set up and was going to log in, and then chickened out! However, I did eventually grow a pair and sign in!

You’ll probably be wondering about my first cam encounter. I have absolutely no recollection! I do remember one early one though, it was with a lovely kinky gentleman who put me very much at ease and wanted to admire me while on all fours with my ass to the cam, so that he could see my tight butt hole, and he wanted me to flex it. 😉 I’ll just say that after the first couple of shows it’s no big deal, nerves wise. I found it to be such a struggle to initially start camming, but when I discovered that it was nothing to be worried about (and how much fun it was!) I was kicking myself for not getting started sooner!

And here we are, almost a year and a half later!

Caitlin xxx