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Ranting about Christmas!


Yup, I’m going to have a good old random moan today! 😀

Christmas. Is on. The 25th of December. Why has the bloody television been shoving it down my throat since October?! “It’s Christmas time!”, “Christmas is just around the corner!”. WTF. Hell, I was watching an advert for sofas (when I saw watching, it was on, I don’t have much interest in sofas on a day to day basis!) and they were boasting that if I ordered a sofa now that I would have it in time for Christmas. I would fucking well hope so, seeing as it’s a month and a half away!

I can’t imagine the stress of being a parent with this constant propaganda. It’s the most stressful time of the year!! When I have kids I’m going to unplug the TV from mid October through to January! Saying that, by then they will probably have started advertising festive joy from July. After all, a few weeks ago I went to my local shop and they were selling – 11th of November poppies, Hallowe’en goods, AND advent calendars and chocolate santas. For the love of fuck. Hell, when I was a kid (I’m only 26 now) I was happy with a CD player, cosmetics and clothes. Nowadays kids “need” Kindles and iPhone 5s. Ridiculous. Not that they all get that, but most parents seem to feel that they need to or should try to live up to those stupid aspirations.

Anyway, enough moaning. Please enjoy and celebrate it being November. Leave Christmas till Christmas time!!

I’m probably not going to be on cam today, but do come and see me tomorrow! Here’s my page.

Caitlin xxx

Happy October! And my plans for the month.


I’m so excited! Today I booked my buses and flights for going to Northern Ireland later in the month. I’ve never been to Ireland before but my best friend (who I initially met at University) is from NI, so she’s been asking me to go over for years! I have finally got my act together and it’s all arranged! I can’t believe it’s taken so long, but you know how it is – life always has a way of getting in the way! I’ve told her to please not worry about entertaining me. It’s been ages since I’ve seen her (must actually be about a year, eek!) so although I’d love to see Ireland, I’m going to see her, so I’ll be quite happy to curl up at her house, chat and get plastered So excited!

Other than my two days away, you’ll be seeing me on cam! Streamate as always, but I’m also (as of today as currently this very moment) making some appearances on Adultwork again on DirectCam! I can’t commit to any particular days or times however I shall be there from time to time! You can always follow my Twitter as whenever I log onto cam at Adultwork, a tweet gets sent out automatically.

Hoping you all have a fabulous month!

Caitlin xxx

Winter and airshow!

Picture 1426

So, winter’s almost here in bonny Scotland! Getting darker earlier every evening and it’s getting a lot colder. Today I even felt compelled to deal with the central heating and set the timer to come on each morning for a couple of hours! Especially as I am getting up really early recently, around 6-7am! I know! Go me! That means that you are getting to see me a lot earlier on cam as I’m normally ready and ready to rumble before 10am! Before long the leaves will all start falling, so there’s probably not a whole lot of point in me cutting back on the hedges in the yard yet. Having said that, I WILL do that this week, if the weather is good – by that I mean it’s not pissing down rain sideways. Which it is prone to doing here in wet and windy Fife!

I went to the supposed last and final RAF airshow in Leuchars. They keep telling us that it’s going to be the last one, but they keep lying and they go and do another one the following year! However, I hear that plans arev a bit more finalised now, and that the RAF will be moving out summer/autumn next year, followed by the army moving in the year after that. We’ll see what happens. I fucking love the airshow – I love the noise and the planes, and the aerobatics, and of course I love the drinking and the sandwiches. We were lucky with the weather thankfully, although it was a bit chilly – but the copious amounts of beer took care of that!

On Streamate all week so come and check me out! Naughty times ahoy! 😀

More changes! And blah…


So, as you know I’ve had my mother living with me, well she’s moving out at the start of August. This means: more filming! More pics! More places to cam from! Late evening and night camming! Whoop whoop! I’m hoping to came once or twice a week from the living room. Probably looking at a 11pm/12am start so this is very good news for my American friends who normally only catch me at the weekend!

For those who don’t follow me on social media, you should! 😉 Some things I cannot mention on the site, but full details will be found on Tumblr and also Twitter. Twitter especially, as I often use it to mention when I’m going to be on, about new vids, and I post photos there, as well as short Vine videos! I must start doing YouTube videos again. Want to motivate me? Send me your relatively PG questions so I can answer them in the next video.

Caitlin xxx

PS: photo is me modelling the gorgeous pink corset that the lovely Steve bought for me. I love pressies! 😀

What am I best at sexually? (continuing from previous post)


So, where were we? What sexual act do I think that I am best at?

I fucking hate this question. And questions like it. For example, what is my favourite position? What is the best sex I’ve had? What is the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done? What is the best size of cock for me? These questions are so so limiting. So say I’m in a busy chat room and someone asks a question like this, and viewing me are lots of different guys with different likes, degrees of kinkiness, and different appearances. The guy asking the question is looking for a certain kind of answer, and what he may want is going to be different to what others want. To explain, if I were to answer that I like 10 inch dicks (that’s too big anyway!) then all the lovely guys with anything less than 10 inches will feel insufficient. What kind of appearance do I like in a guy? Sure, I have my “type” but I’ve also had boyfriends and fuck buddies who in no way adhered to what I consider to be my type – and they were lovely/ I fancied them rotten/ they were great in bed. As for what is the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done – for some people kinky is using a chicken feather to tickle, for others it’s masturbating using a roast chicken! My favourite sexual position? What do I have to limit my choices down to one?!

And that pretty much sums it up. Why do I need to limit myself so much? For me, these are not questions that are not easily/quickly answered. In a sense I am a jack of all trades, master of some, but working on mastering more! Yup, that sounds about right. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I love to masturbate and I love to cum, however I’m not a strictly vanilla kind of girl. I love kink, I love fetishes (from the common nylon stockings to the popping of balloons!), I love roleplays, and I love dominating men too. I’m a greedy bitch and I enjoy doing anything which is fun to me, and gives enjoyment to the person who is watching me.

So what am I best at? To give an answer, I’m best at being open minded, I’m good at enjoying what I do, I’m great at giving an intimate and personalised experience. I’m good at listening to what you want and giving you the best I can. Another answer I gave someone recently when I started waxing lyrical – I’m best at being real and being me. I don’t put on any airs and graces – what you see is what you get. I refuse to pretend to be someone else (having an alternative cam persona just sounds like way too much hassle and unnecessary effort for me) and I tell you exactly what I think. I won’t lead guys on who want to meet me, I tell them upfront. I’m pretty open about my life, other than basic privacy protection (where exactly I live etc) but overall enjoy sharing things about my life, my likes and what I’ve been doing. I am me.

Mmmm…. that’s all for now folks! 😉

Caitlin xx