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Happy 2016 to you all

Snapshot 7 (12-01-2016 21-54)

Here I am, just logged off cam. A busy day tomorrow and probably won’t be on cam much, if at all. Although I’m hoping to do a bit of filming between things. Firstly in the morning I have an appointment at the opticians; a double appointment starting at 9:30am – yuk! I’m normally up by 9am, but to be dressed, ready and in town at that time of day makes me want to end it all. I’m a little bit overdue, so need to get an eyetest and also do a contact lens check. Bastards! Then in the afternoon we have our second antenatal class. I think this might be the one where we hold hands and sing hymns. Pretty sure it’s the hypnobirthing one, given by a physiotherapist? I’m not expecting these classes to be great, but there are a milestone, after tomorrow’s there will only be another three left to go!

33 weeks and two days pregnant today. So only four weeks until I’m full term – really not long at all. It’s all going by so fast and slowly at the same time. It’ll be weird not working for a few months. I have worked since I was 16, and although that was just  a summer job, I did 3 months without a day off each summer, around 60 hours a week! But since I’ve been back in Scotland (since I came to go to uni) I never had more than a week off at once. Don’t get me wrong, I realise that I am going to be FUCKING TIRED FOR WEEKS, but it’s going to be very strange nonetheless. I’m currently finishing up deciding on what exactly my maternity leave plans are – this will first be disclosed to my site members at scottyhottie.scot and then I’ll let everyone else know.

I am taking advantage of finishing early tonight – I’m away to do some real cooking, then possibly have a nice bubble bath (not that it covers the bump!) and watch some tv curled up on the sofa with puppy!

Caitlin xx

Well, Hello!

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Hello boys!

Not sure that there’s been that much going on since my last entry here! Loving my new computer, as I’m able to cam on Adultwork again, as well as Streamate, and even doing Skype shows too (check out the “Skype” tab). On top of that – although I haven’t been doing many videos yet – shit processes so quickly on this beast, it’s bloody awesome. Was going to get back into doing 2-4 videos a week as of this week, but the other half is on holidays so I’ve been taking the evenings off. But I have lists and plans and it’s starting next week when everything is back to normal.

I am open to custom videos once more, and soon I’ll have more information here on site about them (along with erotica, Kik and other things!). In the meantime I can tell you that custom videos start at $10/minute for a minimum of 10 minutes. Use the contact form to give me as many details as you can, and I will get back to you about whether I can do it for you! For pre-made videos, check out my Clips4Sale store.

I’m off tomorrow but I’ll be on cam Friday and Saturday so come and see me! Besides Adultwork and Streamate, I’ll also be on Skyprivate, and taking bookings here through my site! Hit me up!

Caitlin xx

I finally got my new computer – WAHAY!!


IMG_4683 IMG_4684 IMG_4685 IMG_4686 IMG_4687 IMG_4688 IMG_4689 IMG_4690 IMG_4695

I fucking love it! I ordered it on the 18th and only got it this Tuesday. Custom build and it ended up taking longer than estimated, but I can tell you that I’m happy now. She’s a beauty and something of a mega-beast. And just look at the size of her! Sorry, the photos won’t arrange nicely right now, but who cares when she’s that gorgeous!? Safe to say I’m pretty happy and I can now multitask as much as I can personally handle, nothing can stop her.

Here’s the specs for her insides, after all it’s what’s on the inside that matters!



Hello hello

blahPicture 802

Hi guys!
Hope you’re all having a fantastic start to the year! We had a fair bit of snow here this past week, almost a finger deep (my little finger anyway!). I love the snow, I’m like a little kid! Puppy (yes, she’s still “puppy”, always will be!) loved it, scampering about it in, chasing, fetching (and eating!) snowballs. Sadly, it rained lots last night and it’s all gone. 🙁 Oh well, it’s more snow than I’ve seen for a couple of years. And people think that Scotland is always cold…
I’ve got one new clip up on Clips4Sale. I know, just one. However, I’ve been working on ideas, and I’ve started to dedicate evenings to things other than camming (as of the other day). So far evenings have been spend tidying and re-organising my camroom, sorting paperwork, doing a big batch of photos, and now I’m on to writing up lots of clip ideas to start working through filming! So soon you should expect to see clips from me regularly, in various different categories. If you want to check out my existing clips, have a lookie here.


Caitlin xxx