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Roleplay, one of my favourite webcam activities!

Leaning over you in my maid baby doll

Taking inspiration from my choice of photo, me in my little maid style babydoll, I’m going to talk about roleplay on webcam and how much I enjoy it! One of the reasons I enjoy webcamming so much, is that it is so very varied! So many fetishes, even the most vanilla camshows can be so so different, it’s all about who I’m playing with. I also love the variety that roleplay gives me.

It isn’t always requested or required that I dress to look the part, but that can be a lot of fun too! I don’t have a whole load of outfits for such things, as I don’t get a huge demand for them, but what I do have is the maid babydoll, a few Christmas outfits and a nurse outfit (rather skimpy!). I can also put together outfits for schoolgirl, secretary, librarian type roleplays. That’s a lot of fun, I do like to go all the way and do (for a secretary look, for example) red lipstick, hair up, glasses etc. I like to make things… authentic!

However, the visual aspect is a small part when it comes to roleplays. Of course, you enjoy seeing me whether I’m dressed in character or not, but more important is our dialogue. It would be no good if I looked like the most authentic librarian and then had no story to go with it! I have a vast and filthy imagination and I love acting out these scenarios with you. I’m going to say right now though, it takes two to tango! I love when I’m playing with a guy who is as perverse and imaginative as I am, and participates fully in the story. Roleplay is all about horny interaction! A man who is good with words gets me so wet! Don’t get me wrong, if I dress up as a nurse and then we just have a nice mutual wanking session, that’s great too (I do like to come…) but here I’m talking about roleplays.

You’re probably wondering what my favourite roleplay is. This is a question that I get asked quite a lot, but not necessarily an easy one to answer! There’s all the more common roleplays, like schoolgirl, maid, and others that I have already mentioned. I enjoy them a lot! However, the ones I have probably enjoyed the most have been ones that the guy has come up with, which have been completely random, quite odd at times, but so much fun to do! Got you wondering, haven’t I? 😉 I’ll give you a very brief summarised example or two… A scenario where I was being followed and then beaten up by some old women (yes, it was only me on cam!) and then I got rescued and made love to. Or how about a disabled husband whom I blatantly cheated on, and merely used for his money?

Love it!

Caitlin xx

PS: Just going to say now, in case you are thinking of coming to see me for a roleplay (hope so!) I don’t cater to any fantasies which are illegal in reality. Do message me if you’d like any clarification on that.