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So what do you think..?

Fiery by nature and by hair

I went red a couple of weeks ago, but now decided to properly up the ante! Firstly because the original red was fading so fast, and also because I had discovered that I really like being a redhead, I decided to go the full hog! I’ve been getting a lot of compliments, my favourite so far coming from camgirl Domino who said I looked like a hotter Little Mermaid. 😀 I have a thing for the Little Mermaid. Hottest cartoon out there (and yes, I prefer her to Jessica Rabbit!).

I won’t bore you with details, but I’ve been pretty busy/stressed lately with family issues. It should all be fine soon enough, but it has kept me off cam and clip making quite a bit recently. I do have to get on cam though, otherwise I won’t be having nearly enough orgasms and then I’ll be a right grumpy bitch. We can’t have that, now can we? 😉

The good news is (fingers crossed) that around late March/early April I’ll hopefully be moving house. I have many criteria, one of which is that it has to be an area that has fiber optic broadband. It’s not yet widely distributed across Scotland, or indeed across the UK as a whole yet. I read about other camgirls’ Internet speeds in the US, Romania and other places, and it makes me sick with jealousy! Don’t get me wrong, the Internet I have is more than adequate for camming on either Adultwork or on Skype. The problem is that I can only really do one thing at a time. I cannot, for example, be logged into two camsites at once, nor can I upload videos at the same time as I’m camming. Plus uploading large video files takes forever! So, when and if I get to move, you’ll be getting a lot more of me.

Apologies to my Clips4Sale fans. I have not been very good recently at either updating my stores or replying to emails regarding clips. See above! I promise to get my act together very soon. Saying that, I have been there, doing things. I’m trying to reorganise my store so that my clips are in proper order (referring to my main store, not my cleaning store, or my toilet store, they are fine!) and so you can find things more easily. I’m over half way there, so I’ll then be able to focus on actually making new clips! I have a massive list of clip ideas to do, both my own and yours. So I’ll be kept busy when I get back into the groove!

Caitlin xx

PS: next newsletter is out on the 15th, so sign up! There will be pics too. 😉

Time for a change! And Merry Christmas!


I’m ginger! Oh yes. Hope you are liking the change! I am loving it! I’ve always wanted to have red hair but so far I had never had the balls to do it! I dyed it yesterday and am very very happy with how I look. And now I’m a Scottish stereotype with red hair and freckles! Hell knows how I still manage to have freckles while living here (I never see the bloody sun) but somehow I do. They were a lot more prominent when I lived in Greece though, of course. Oh, and I’m very pale without fake tan on, and have greeny-bluey eyes. I couldn’t look much more Scottish, now could I? 😛 Positive reactions so far – thankfully! – including guys I regularly play with, so it may be staying. Well, until I get bored again!

Hope you all had a smashing Christmas. Mine was good but so tiring! I was sleep deprived throughout but it was great to see everyone. I spent 3 days without going near the computer, which is very unusual for me! However, you can’t stop me completely, and I did of course have my phone, so I could still read emails and go on Twitter. Now I’m back, and ragingly horny. I’ve already come 3 times today, needed a rest after the third one! You can’t tire me out that easily though, and I’m still ready for more!!

Caitlin xx