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Ranting about Christmas!


Yup, I’m going to have a good old random moan today! 😀

Christmas. Is on. The 25th of December. Why has the bloody television been shoving it down my throat since October?! “It’s Christmas time!”, “Christmas is just around the corner!”. WTF. Hell, I was watching an advert for sofas (when I saw watching, it was on, I don’t have much interest in sofas on a day to day basis!) and they were boasting that if I ordered a sofa now that I would have it in time for Christmas. I would fucking well hope so, seeing as it’s a month and a half away!

I can’t imagine the stress of being a parent with this constant propaganda. It’s the most stressful time of the year!! When I have kids I’m going to unplug the TV from mid October through to January! Saying that, by then they will probably have started advertising festive joy from July. After all, a few weeks ago I went to my local shop and they were selling – 11th of November poppies, Hallowe’en goods, AND advent calendars and chocolate santas. For the love of fuck. Hell, when I was a kid (I’m only 26 now) I was happy with a CD player, cosmetics and clothes. Nowadays kids “need” Kindles and iPhone 5s. Ridiculous. Not that they all get that, but most parents seem to feel that they need to or should try to live up to those stupid aspirations.

Anyway, enough moaning. Please enjoy and celebrate it being November. Leave Christmas till Christmas time!!

I’m probably not going to be on cam today, but do come and see me tomorrow! Here’s my page.

Caitlin xxx

Winter and airshow!

Picture 1426

So, winter’s almost here in bonny Scotland! Getting darker earlier every evening and it’s getting a lot colder. Today I even felt compelled to deal with the central heating and set the timer to come on each morning for a couple of hours! Especially as I am getting up really early recently, around 6-7am! I know! Go me! That means that you are getting to see me a lot earlier on cam as I’m normally ready and ready to rumble before 10am! Before long the leaves will all start falling, so there’s probably not a whole lot of point in me cutting back on the hedges in the yard yet. Having said that, I WILL do that this week, if the weather is good – by that I mean it’s not pissing down rain sideways. Which it is prone to doing here in wet and windy Fife!

I went to the supposed last and final RAF airshow in Leuchars. They keep telling us that it’s going to be the last one, but they keep lying and they go and do another one the following year! However, I hear that plans arev a bit more finalised now, and that the RAF will be moving out summer/autumn next year, followed by the army moving in the year after that. We’ll see what happens. I fucking love the airshow – I love the noise and the planes, and the aerobatics, and of course I love the drinking and the sandwiches. We were lucky with the weather thankfully, although it was a bit chilly – but the copious amounts of beer took care of that!

On Streamate all week so come and check me out! Naughty times ahoy! 😀

The best laid plans of mice, men and camgirls…

picture-1092So, after successfully getting my act together, starting camming on Streamate, and being raring to go, I’ve not bloody been able to get on very much. Not giving many details, but… lady problems. Shit happens, and us women definitely got the shitty end of the stick! Hence my schedule keeps changing recently and I’m maybe not online when I’ve previously said that I will be. Here’s hoping everything is back to normal very very soon. I’m bored sitting around doing nothing! I want to cam! Grrr!!! Apologies to those who have only recently gotten to know me, but I’ll be back properly as soon as I can!

Caitlin xx

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Quick wee update


Just a quick wee update for those who don’t already know. However, if you have been to my schedule page you will have seen already. I’ve not been on Skype much at the moment, due to partially being too busy with a new venture and also to be honest I’m a bit annoyed with Skype at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been lots of nice guys, but the 98% who are complete tossers annoy the fuck out of me. I have to block the majority of those who add me, and right now, GRRR!

Anyway, if we have played before, do just send me an email through the site or to my email if we’ve already emailed. I’m more than happy to come on for those I know. No doubt it’s just a temporary slump on my part, and I’ll soon be back to kicking, blocking and banning people like there’s no tomorrow! 😉

You can find me on Adultwork and on Streamate, times vary!

Are websites just toil and trouble? A new piercing should help…

In leather and not much else!

There’s always time to get my clothes off.

And I don’t mean the kind of trouble that I am! I’m a whole load of trouble! 😉

I was so excited, it was up, it was looking sexy… and then I couldn’t get onto my site. Several hours later I had figured out that it was a plugin problem and had figured out how to fix it. Now I know how to do that for next time, but I get the feeling that there’s always going to be something! I was told today that running a site is a full time job on its own – surely not? Hope not! I’ve got enough to be doing what with webcamming, filming, writing and everything else that I get up to! I’m really enjoying it though, even with the trouble that it causes. It feels like a while since I learnt something interesting and useful – I can’t possibly call me university degree useful 😉 – and it’s good! I’ve received some good feedback already which is lovely, but also up for criticism too. Be nice though, this girl is new to the scene!

I’ve been thinking about getting a new piercing. I’ve got 13 currently but I got my last one a few years ago now (maybe three years?!) and I really want a new one. I love getting pierced. The excitement of deciding what to get done, how and where. Deciding on initial jewellery, going and getting impaled (keep your mind out of the gutter!!). I actually enjoy the metal going through me, I watch the needle. Yes, I’m weird, I knew that already! So, what to get done! I’m thinking of something a bit more “in your face”, either a tongue bar finally, or perhaps a lip piercing. It would be on the bottom right hand side of my bottom lip, not a ring, a stud. However, I’m not quite done deciding so I’m going to ponder this some more.

Oh, some of you won’t know what I have got pierced! I have eight on my ears, so four on each: both ears have two lobe piercings, a tragus stud, and a high helix. I also have my nose pierced, a dermal anchor stud on the back of my neck, my left nipple has a bar through it, and I have a Triangle piercing in my lady bits. I bet you have no idea what that is, so have a look at Wiki! 😉 Mmm… I’m missing one… (one minute later) belly button piercing! And no, I don’t make a noise from all the metal when I walk!

Caitlin xxx