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Life’s short, so make it fucking count!


In all fairness, I’m looking forward to getting through this month. Which makes it strange that it’s going by so fast. As I always say, each month seems to be shorter than the one proceeding it. Time didn’t fly so much when I was younger, at least that’s how I feel retrospectively! As I am often fond of saying, before you know it we’ll all be dead! Aren’t I a cheerful bitch? 😉 Despite the misery and desperation that that statement conveys, it also suggests the alternative, more positive outlook – life is short s0 make it fucking well count.

I know some people frown upon adult industry workers. Hell, some of my distant relatives would just about keel over and die. My immediate family though, has never been the type to follow convention. Both of my parents were considered the “black sheep” of their respective families. They did what they wanted, fuck society. Fuck convention. Fuck standardised stereotypes of what “normal people” should and should not do. Don’t get me wrong, as far as I am aware they never did porn in any shape or form, but regardless, what they did choose to do, got them funny looks and raised eyebrows from the people who were supposed to support them.

My mother knows exactly what I do, and gets a giggle out of funny stories I tell her. Like many people who are a) not in the business, and b) not judgmental, she is very curious and finds it all quite fascinating. Had my father still been alive when I started camming, he would have been initially horrified (being the protective dad and all) but knowing me, he would have realised that he would have to deal with it and move on (although I was never unruly or off the rails, they never had any control over me). He was never one shy away from a great opportunity, which this is.

I’m sure I had a point here… People can judge all they like! It’s them I pity. In my mind, there’s nothing more sad or more of a waste of a life, than working in a job you hate for 40+ years, going in day after day, working for some douchbag. Nothing worse than working just for the money. Don’t get me wrong, there are people in every industry who enjoy it, but there are many more who don’t. Fear, ignorance and apathy… all factors that stop them from making changes.

Anyway, life if short, so make it fucking count! Do what you want to do!

Caitlin xx