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Kik sessions are awesome!

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This is harder than normal. I usually touch type fluently, but I got nail extensions two days ago (you should see them, they’re hot) but I maybe got them a bit longer than I should have! This post will probably be shorter than normal lol

As you may have seen, I’ve started offering Kik sessions. I’ve only had a couple of sessions but I’ve fucking loved them! I’ve done text based chat before of course, both on Skype and on Adultwork.com’s Direct IM, but it’s even better when we’re both just on our phones. It feels so bloody naughty, like we’re a couple of horny teenagers! Sending each other naughty pics too, makes it even hotter.

So please, arrange some Kik time with me! 😀 Prices are there for 30 minutes and1 hour, but if you want longer than that, just ask, and we’ll sort something out!

Caitlin xxx

PS: Funnily enough, by the end of just writing this out, I’m already typing faster – wahay!