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So, continuing what I was saying…


I told you that I don’t escort. But then I get the question “Why not?”. To many of you, the fact that I am in a long committed relationship suffices to explain why I don’t. Great, however there are escorts out there, plenty of them, who do have long time boyfriends or in fact husbands. Good for them, good that they can do that. I however, wouldn’t want to do that to my guy, and he wouldn’t be happy if I did. Yes, I did say that if I need to ask permission to do things, that I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone in the first place. That still stands true, but I think we can all agree that webcamming is a little bit different from actually fucking random people regularly for money.

So what if I was single then? Would I? That’s a tough one. I don’t honestly know. It is something that has crossed my mind, but I really don’t know if I would or not. In my own mind, I’m not entirely convinced that I’m cut out for escorting. I’m far from being a shallow person,  if that’s what you think I mean. I’m not. Especially since I started webcamming. Why is that? I see every shape size and colour on cam, and if I thought everyone was hideous it wouldn’t be very much fun, now would it? I always see something attractive in another, whether that’s someone’s sparkly green eyes, their cheeky grin, their spankable ass. There’s something uniquely gorgeous about each and every person! Sounds a bit cliche-like, but I believe that it’s true.

It’s not that. In my head, I think I’d need to be a tough bitch to escort. Essentially I’m a nice, sensitive lassie. I don’t know if I could deal with what I perceive to be a weird artificial situation like an escort meet. But then again, you don’t know until you try. So who knows? I have great respect for the girls who escort successfully and also fully enjoy their encounters, so don’t think for a moment that I’m dissing them, I’m merely saying that I don’t think it’s for me.

Caitlin xx