Running behind this year!


Finally sent out my Christmas Cards to select few on the 20th, so they will hopefully get there in time! Only got my tree up a couple of days ago – I normally have it up by the 15th at the latest! Don’t get me started on the shops full of people staggering around aimlessly or time running out for online deliveries (even if a website says they can, I know people who work for R. Mail who say differently!) Aargh! Remind me next year to not leave everything until the last minute!

Really looking forward to New Year’s Eve. It’s my favourite event of the year. Don’t know what I’m doing yet actually, but I’m sure it won’t be bad. It seems that a lot of people prefer Christmas to N. Year’s… It must be a Scottish thing? I love when the bells ring, it’s sort of sad/depressing/happy all at the same time. Oh, and being Scottish – any excuse to get pissed! 😛

I am hoping, really hoping, to have a credit card processor sorted before 2013, which will make it a hell of a lot easier and quicker for you guys when you’re wanting a Skype show.  It doesn’t help that I sent them the wrong information the other day! Ooops, oh well, at least I’m pretty. Mwahaha!

Author: Scotty Hottie

Hello! My name is Caitlin, or you can call me Scotty Hottie. I am a real time Scottish camgirl since 2011. Since becoming a Mum nearly two years ago I've had to take a bit of a backseat as I just don't have the time I used to have, so what I offer and when is a lot less. I still offer camshows regularly on Adultwork, Streamate and skype, and do some custom videos. That's about all I have time for at the moment and only just lol! After a long stressful day, you boys help me relax. ;)