Re payment methods for Skype shows.

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So, CCBill was how I took payment for the majority of shows, as I was able to accept Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and other types of card. Sadly though, as of the 24th of this month I am no longer able to take Mastercard, because I am not currently willing to pay the new huge fees that Mastercard have imposed for adult transactions. I don’t spend enough time on Skype (as I choose not to) to make paying those fees worthwhile.

I’m trying (sort of) to come up with an alternative for those of you who use Mastercard. Currently though, my only option for those of you who have no other option to use, is giftcards. It’s a bit of a bitch. I may get a second payment processor put in (namely Zombaio – I need to look into it more), but currently, that’s what we have to work with. For many options that I could use (which are reasonable instant that is), the % I would lose is so high that I would need to put my prices up, and I’d prefer not to.

You can read more on my updated camshow page.

PS: on my period today, so come and say hey *wink* if you don’t mind/don’t care/don’t want lady bits anyway.

Caitlin xxx

PS: currently revising camshow pricing. Don’t just assume it’s all going up! Overall it’s actually going down, and I’m getting rid of the 10 minute option as a) hardly anyone uses it, b) it’s generally not worth my time, and c) 1o minute guys always try to string it out. 😉

Quick wee update


Just a quick wee update for those who don’t already know. However, if you have been to my schedule page you will have seen already. I’ve not been on Skype much at the moment, due to partially being too busy with a new venture and also to be honest I’m a bit annoyed with Skype at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been lots of nice guys, but the 98% who are complete tossers annoy the fuck out of me. I have to block the majority of those who add me, and right now, GRRR!

Anyway, if we have played before, do just send me an email through the site or to my email if we’ve already emailed. I’m more than happy to come on for those I know. No doubt it’s just a temporary slump on my part, and I’ll soon be back to kicking, blocking and banning people like there’s no tomorrow! 😉

You can find me on Adultwork and on Streamate, times vary!


pic-148Remember how we were talking about how I should have more eggs in my basket? Well, I did it! I’ve been over on Streamate camming! It’s fun! Nice to be on a new site figuring out how it all works, meetings new guys. Don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing guys on Adultwork that I play with, but there’s also a lot of freeloaders… the same freeloaders for two years… Makes doing freeview very painful. Funnily enough, although on Streamate you have to do freechat whenever you’re not in paid chat, it’s a lot more fun. It’s not just stupid questions and “ass bb ass tits bb”.

I have NOT given up on Adultwork, I’m on both! Also Skype. I did amend my Skype schedule however (so have a look) plus I sent out a newsletter about that today. The basic plan at the moment is Adultwork/Skype late morning/midday/early afternoon, then Streamate in the later afternoon/evening. Bare in mind, if you using play with me on Adultwork or Skype and I’m not there when I normally would be, I’m still leaving bookings on, so you can book me. I’m not actually on Skype in the afternoon but you can book through Adultwork or send me an email through the site if we’ve played before.

See you soon, somewhere!

Caitlin xx

Apparently it’s May already.


First off, although I don’t like to spend much time talking about the weather, it’s the 6th of May today and it’s cold, windy and about to rain. I am NOT amused when I go onto Twitter and I see camgirl friends posting pics of themselves in their gardens in bikinis, drinking wine and eating barbecued food. Especially when said girls are not even somewhere exotic and hot, but in bloody England of all places. And, in May last year I did a couple of outdoor shows, videos and photos (saying that, with my dear mother here those things would be slightly more difficult…) Arrggh! Rant over… 😉

I realised that I still haven’t gone and gotten my desk top. I must do that within the month. I’ve been saying that I’ll get it for months! I wouldn’t be buying it outright anyway, so it’s really not an issue. I just need to decide and go get it! Will be so much better when I do, both for doing more videos, and also for trying out another camsite that my laptop can’t currently handle. Oh well! Plus, the boyfriend keeps urging me to upgrade so that he can get my cast off computer. He pretty much does everything on his phone these days, so I don’t know what his hurry is!

Oh, this is a bit funny. Last year at some point I signed up to a camsite which I ended up hating. Just how it all worked, just wasn’t for me. Well, I needed $50 in order to cash out and be done with it. My account had been sitting there for months and months with $48 in it. Yes, I did it yesterday – went on for just long enough to surpass $50. 😉 I know it’s not a lot, but I made it, so I bloody wanted to get it out of there and into my bank. Can you imagine how much money camsites make off girls signing up, working for a little bit and then never going back/closing their account without cashing out, thinking “Oh whatever, it’s only $x, I’ll just leave it”. So anyway, I’d been meaning to do that forever and it’s finally done. Saying that, I won’t actually close my account despite how much I dislike the site. It’s good to have a back up that I can immediately log into without having to wait to be approved.

That’s all today folks!

Caitlin xxx