News about upcoming members’ site


I’ve finally started work on my members’ site, you’ll be glad to hear! I’ll currently giving myself plenty of time to have everything exactly as I want it, and looking at a lauch date of the 1st of July! Are you excited? I am!
Forget that. Turns out as I have discovered since I wrote the above that it’s already active, so I better get going a little bit faster. Some of you may have been paying attention on Twitter when I told you about the domain name I bought, and although I’ve deleted that, you may be checking up on me! I hate things being visible before they are ready and before I’m happy with them, so I’d better hurry up. I don’t want you all seeing my unfinished work! Grrr. Well, at least that gives me the push to get on with it quicker and ahead of schedule – never a bad thing!

As things stand, the plan is:

  • Videos (including exclusive videos). I understand that the majority of you will want “vanilla” content however I also have a lot of fetish fans. So there will be something like 4 vanilla videos for every fetish one, and the fetish ones will be member driven.
  • Photosets likewise.
  • There will be perks and discounts for members on some external services, and physical goods.
  • There will be member only webcam shows (frequency to be determined, but it’s likely that I will begin with a monthly… gathering). 😉

I have lots of ideas, and it’s going to be great, but that’s all I’m telling you just now! You’re going to have to wait and see!

Caitlin xxx

Author: Scotty Hottie

Hello! My name is Caitlin, or you can call me Scotty Hottie. I am a real time Scottish camgirl since 2011. Since becoming a Mum nearly two years ago I've had to take a bit of a backseat as I just don't have the time I used to have, so what I offer and when is a lot less. I still offer camshows regularly on Adultwork, Streamate and skype, and do some custom videos. That's about all I have time for at the moment and only just lol! After a long stressful day, you boys help me relax. ;)