I survived my weekend of doom.

fiery and horny

So as some of you already know, I had been absolutely dreading this weekend! I had agreed to attend a bit of a family get together. Most of these people I hadn’t seen in 10-15 years! We’re not an especially close knit family to say the least and my nuclear family and myself are very different people to that lot (my Mum could be considered a “black sheep”). Of course, this was also the first time my OH had met most of them, and he was absolutely shitting himself as I had been dreading it all week and lets say I hadn’t exactly made the prospect seem appealing!

It was an afternoon of no swearing, smoking or talking about my job. Haha! Thankfully there was wine at least. It was to be expected that they would ask about my job, and I think I got through it alright. I do a lot of roleplay on cam, so my acting skills must be pretty good! 😉 There were SO many questions though, so bloody inquisitive! And I had to talk to everyone pretty much individually and then it got brought up again when we were all chatting together! Nightmare and a half.

They are just so conservative, and rather religious…  (grace was said). Yes, so it was rather painful. Had to go to the pub for a few when we got back!!

Caitlin xx