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Hello! My name is Caitlin, or you can call me Scotty Hottie. I am a real time camgirl, who loves webcam shows - whether it's teasing, chatting, fetishes, or down right rude and naughty! I also create a lot of content, especially photos and fetish videos. I also do custom content, just as you like it! I enjoy phone sex, I like sending you personal items that smell of me... Oh, I've got a finger in all the pies!

Yes, I’m still here!


I missed out on writing my blog yesterday, and I’ve not been online for days. Sorry!! I’ve been off sick, not very well. 🙁 I’ve got a cold. 🙁 I’d recently being saying how I’ve been very lucky recently in the fact that I’ve not been ill in ages. I attribute this to working from home and to an extent, my contact with other people is limited. However, due to the same reasons, my defences are down so when I do come in contact with something nasty, it’s going to have me!

At my hospitality job, I used to go in when feeling like shit. Yes, yes, health and safety and hygiene, blah blah, and staff serving food and drink shouldn’t be ill, but lets face the reality of the situation. If in hospitality, every time that someone was feeling under the weather they went home, you’d never get yourself a pint, a coffee or a meal. My point is, I just went in. But no, I’m not going to cam when I’m feeling and looking like death warmed up. I’m not very horny when I’m feeling like that, and besides, apart from a couple of fetishists, nobody wants to watch me blowing my nose every two minutes! lol

Anyhoo, I’m feeling a bit better today. Not fantastic, but I’m just chilling out on the sofa writing this, while watching When Porn Ends, which I’ve been meaning to see. I’m getting the feeling it’s all going to be porn stars “finding Jesus”, porn stars blaming their fathers for “not loving them” or “loving them too much” and such though, which pisses me right off. Grrr some of us just enjoy working for ourselves and getting naked. 😉 To be fair, when you are filming commercial porn, you can’t just take the day off, so it’s a bit more restrictive. Anyway, my train of thought is now wandering off but you get my drift!

I’m hoping to see well enough later to maybe get on cam for a bit. I hope so! I’ve been missing it and all my favourite guys!

Caitlin xx

Changes coming my way…

Bending over, like normal! ;-)

I think I mentioned before that I was hoping to move house, into a different area. Well, that won’t be happening yet. 🙁 Thing is, *drum-roll* my mother is moving in with us for a while. Before you send me any yukky incest on cam emails, that won’t be happening. LOL. Nor will she be handing me dildos while I cam. That’s just.. weird.

Anyway, she knows what I do and finds it entertaining to hear about, and besides she’s choosing to stay with me, so tough shit really. If she doesn’t like the noises she hears she can go for a walk. Why you ask. Well, long story short, she has to move back to Scotland, and the house hasn’t sold yet, so she’ll be with us. Not exactly ideal, and I’m sure any of you in the same situation would agree, but at the same time… what can you do? You’ve got to help. Thankfully we’ve got a three-bed house at the moment (us, her, office), so there’s no great upheaval.

Oh yes, the reason we’re not moving is that she’s coming at the time we would be moving, and I think that things might be stressful enough without us and pets all moving to a new place. So there you go, stuck here for another year! Ach, it’ll be fine! 😀

Caitlin xxx

PS: apologies for not being around over the weekend. The start of this week is also limited. Dentist today then depends how bad I am afterwards, bf’s mum coming up this afternoon… I will be camming on Tuesday day time for a while but I’ll be totally away on Wednesday.