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Hello! My name is Caitlin, or you can call me Scotty Hottie. I am a real time camgirl, who loves webcam shows - whether it's teasing, chatting, fetishes, or down right rude and naughty! I also create a lot of content, especially photos and fetish videos. I also do custom content, just as you like it! I enjoy phone sex, I like sending you personal items that smell of me... Oh, I've got a finger in all the pies!

I am alive

It’s certainly been a while since I last wrote on here! I was just checking out the site and didn’t like that the most recent post says that the site is fucked up! Thought I should post something a bit more positive!! It does need some work and I’m not keen on the theme, but links are correct, Skype info is correct, and the payment processor works too. Basics sorted!

So, as you know I had my baby in March 2016, 16 months ago now! Of course, this has brought many changes to my life and work! I am primary caregiver which means I’ve had to cut back dramatically on the time I spend camming and filming, and I’ve had to make the choice to prioritise certain things over others.

At the moment I’m only camming really, although of course all my content is still up and available for you to purchase. However, I’ve only filmed half a dozen times since coming back. I cam after bedtime for a couple of hours five days a week, roughly 9/10pm until midnight (UK time) on and

If you’d like to check out my past content, have a look at Clips4Sale, Manyvids, and – I’ve got a LOT of videos to help you pass the time!

I really want to start filming again very soon, at least minimally, and at the very least customs. And I want to start being on Skype more often. I just need to sit down for a bit with a bloody pen and a bit of paper, but when to find the time?! PMSL. I’ll get there soon!

Kisses and squishes,

Caitlin xxx


Realised I never did post here. I’m currently on maternity leave, so not replying to emails. Back in a few months.

Caitlin xx

Happy 2016 to you all

Snapshot 7 (12-01-2016 21-54)

Here I am, just logged off cam. A busy day tomorrow and probably won’t be on cam much, if at all. Although I’m hoping to do a bit of filming between things. Firstly in the morning I have an appointment at the opticians; a double appointment starting at 9:30am – yuk! I’m normally up by 9am, but to be dressed, ready and in town at that time of day makes me want to end it all. I’m a little bit overdue, so need to get an eyetest and also do a contact lens check. Bastards! Then in the afternoon we have our second antenatal class. I think this might be the one where we hold hands and sing hymns. Pretty sure it’s the hypnobirthing one, given by a physiotherapist? I’m not expecting these classes to be great, but there are a milestone, after tomorrow’s there will only be another three left to go!

33 weeks and two days pregnant today. So only four weeks until I’m full term – really not long at all. It’s all going by so fast and slowly at the same time. It’ll be weird not working for a few months. I have worked since I was 16, and although that was just  a summer job, I did 3 months without a day off each summer, around 60 hours a week! But since I’ve been back in Scotland (since I came to go to uni) I never had more than a week off at once. Don’t get me wrong, I realise that I am going to be FUCKING TIRED FOR WEEKS, but it’s going to be very strange nonetheless. I’m currently finishing up deciding on what exactly my maternity leave plans are – this will first be disclosed to my site members at and then I’ll let everyone else know.

I am taking advantage of finishing early tonight – I’m away to do some real cooking, then possibly have a nice bubble bath (not that it covers the bump!) and watch some tv curled up on the sofa with puppy!

Caitlin xx

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Picture 569

I don’t know about anyone else, but this year has gone by so so quickly for me. From the point where I found out that I was pregnant in June, then moving house, it’s just whizzed right past. 16 days until 2016, and it’s under 3 months until I am someone’s Mum. Holy fuck.

All is going well pregnancy wise, I’m very low risk and very textbook. I do have a couple of extra growth scans to go to (one is tomorrow) but that’s merely a precaution and I’m looking forward to getting extra sonographs! I’ve also been told I’m a bit low on iron, so I’m getting prescribed supplements, but that’s it! Can’t really complain! I am getting pretty big now, well I AM over 6 months pregnant. Certain things are starting to get a bit awkward or at least I’m becoming really ungraceful doing them! After being knackered all first trimester, I felt great second trimester. Now I’m in third, I’m back to having to take a nap in the afternoon sometimes! Well, they do say to sleep as much as you can in advance of a new arrival coming!

Provided everything is OK, and I can, I will be camming right up until the end. Even if that may or may not be with reduced hours, I’ll still be around. Chances are that I’ll be horrible overdue, simply because I am a very impatient person and that would be my bloody luck! Who knows, you may be dealing with me in very early labour at the end. If it’s going on forever, I can’t just watch TV – I’ll come online to distract myself! If you go to hospital too soon, they just send you home again.

For the last month or two, I have a list bigger than my belly of videos that I want to do while I’m looking incredibly pregnant. I’m hoping to include some couples videos there too, as well as fetish and solo, so keep an eye out. I’m not doing as many videos at the moment as I had hoped. Camming does take priority and then it depends how tired I am as to whether or not I film! But I really want to take full advantage of filming when I’m ready to pop! I’ve also starting recording all my camming footage, so that will keep you amused perhaps when I’m off! My plan is to be offline from baby’s arrival for 2 or possibly 3 full months. I may or may not make some unexpected appearances during this time, but I can’t promise anything! And of course, when pregnancy ends, lactation starts, so you have that to look forward to as well! 😉

Merry Christmas and have a Great Hogmanay too, and hopefully you’re not too hungover on the 1st! My sympathy is extremely limited considering that I can’t drink, nor can I eat any of my favourite foods!


Caitlin xxxx