A quick update.

Hi guys, hope you had a better weekend than me. To keep it quick, my partner and I were assaulted on Friday night and I currently have 1 and a half black eyes, a fractured nose and half of my face is swollen beyond recognition. I have a very sore forehead and also around the back of my head. I also had a lot of hair ripped out. My boyfriend has a broken nose, a fractured eye socket and a black eye with three cuts around it. So it goes without saying, I won’t be on cam today as promised and probably not tomorrow. I’m not in the best of moods and I look hideous. Hopefully the swelling goes down quickly because no amount of make up can cover that. The scum that did it were arrested and are spending 4 days in jail until the court is open on Tuesday. I’ll keep you updated. Big thanks to those who heard through other means already and who took the time to message me.

Caitlin xx