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Well hello!

Autumn is here! We missed summer this year in Scotland, but autumn is definitely happening. It’s really rural where I live, I’m at the edge of a small town, and have lots of nice options for taking the dog for walks, through fields, woods, up hills etc. It’s looking gorgeous at the moment with red, orange, yellow and brown leaves falling, mixed with a little green. Starting to get a bit chilly too. Won’t lie, I’ve been stealing my guy’s jumpers/jackets for taking the dog out – my clothes are just a bit too tight and short. Have you seen my bump?! Talking of which, have you seen my pussy lately? Because I haven’t! Hahaha! Nah, it’s ok, I can see it on my screen when I’m on cam! Loving being pregnant honestly, although some things are starting to become a bit awkward. The clocks went back this week too, and now it’s dark at pretty much 5pm. I’m liking it though, being all cozy with the heating on, camming, filming or cuddling with my pets!

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Caitlin xxx

Hi you fuckers! ;)

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Well hello and happy almost October! The leaves and turning red and brown and they are everywhere. And there seem to be hundreds of spiders both inside and on the outside of my house, big motherfuckers, all looking for somewhere warm to chill. Getting kind of cold her in the evenings and early mornings, I’ve already had the heating on! Considering I’m a camgirl, the notion of “just put on another jumper” doesn’t really work! ๐Ÿ˜‰

17 weeks pregnant today and 5 days! Getting so close to the halfway mark, and also getting close to my next scan/hopefully find out gender. If you’ve not seen me I’m looking pretty pregnant, and feeling it too. So far I love being pregnant, but I will admit that I’ve had it pretty easy so far. Long may that continue! Honestly can’t wait for each day to pass, and normally I complain how fast days and weeks go by!

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Caitlin xxx


Big news!


First of all, hello. It’s been a while since my last blog post. Sure, I moved house, and had a lot to deal with in regards to that, but I’ve also been incredibly lazy recently. But now you know my excuse! In case you don’t already know from Twitter, I’ve just announced that I’m three months pregnant. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve known since I was 4 weeks pregnant, but I had my first scan on Monday and it was fantastic, and all was well, so now I’m happy to let everyone know.

Morning sickness hasn’t been too bad, I have only thrown up three times. Nausea has been quite frequent, but if I eat something then I’m OK. I’ve been really tired though, dragging myself out of bed and taking afternoon naps. Getting a bit better now though, although today has been pretty bad, yawning right now! No bump to speak of yet, just a bit wider and fatter at the moment. Hopefully it won’t be long until I pop. I’m not just fat, I’m pregnant!!! For those with a pregnancy fetish, I’ve already been doing weekly videos and photos, but they are not yet uploaded. I plan to do a lot of videos when I get my belly, so keep an eye out in my store. I do not intend to flood my member site with pregnancy fetish specific videos, but you’ll see some of them there too. Obviously I’ll be pregnant no matter what but I mean a lot of the videos that are 100% about the pregnancy will just be in my store to be purchased for download.

Because of tiredness I haven’t been keeping an exact schedule on cam, because sometimes I need to nap! I’m also taking a little break from Skype at the moment, although I am happy to come online for an existing select few who are hassle free and fun to play with! The Skype break is not pregnancy related, but I just need some time away from it.

Kisses, Caitlin xxx

Almost moving again!

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29 days to go! I know this because I’m soooo desperate to move, and I have an app on my phone keeping track! I’m getting a removal company this time, so I can just sit, watch and snap my fingers at them! Well, they are being paid well after all! And it’s the first time I’ve used removal men. I’m no waif myself, and I’m happy to lugย  boxes around, but this time it would just be the two of us (we normally have at least one helped) and I can’t manage things like washing machines, king size beds and antique sewing machines!

I hate this place so much! Honestly, when I’m leaving for the last time, I’m going to want to hang out the car window and scream “Fuck you all!” while giving them the finger. But, I shall try to control myself. I’ve never lived in such a miserable place full of so many dead beats. I’m moving to the borders to a lovely little town, and all around is green fields and sheep. Close to shops, also close to lots of great walks to take the dog on. Larger house, bigger rooms, more places to film, an office which is out of the way and will let me sometimes cam late at night because I won’t be keeping anyone awake. Weehee!

So yeah, my appearances may be a bit sporadic at times leading up to moving, as I have packing and DIY to do, arrangements to make, etc. If you can’t find me online, you can always email me here and arrange a Skype show. I sure as hell know thatย  I will appreciate a break and having you bend me over a packing box! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, it’s going to be a good time to join Scottyhottie.Scot as I have lots photos and videos there to keep you entertained. There will also be one more member webcam show before the move. Check it out!


Caitlin xxx



Hope you’ve all been good! Unless of course you’ve come to see me on cam – in that case you certainly haven’t been being good! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you follow me on Twitter and catch up with me regularly, you’ll have seen that I have been a busy bee. I’ve joined and/or rejoined several clip sites, I’ve been taking a lot of pics, filming videos, and I’ve been busy with my members site – in case you hadn’t noticed!

I don’t know why you haven’t signed up yet. Yes, you! Here’s a heads’ up – the one week trial has its final day on the 31st of May, then after that it’s regular membership only. If you would like to take advantage of the trial then do it now!

As of right now, and numbers are going up quickly, you have a variety of 35 videos, 29 photosets, 5 blogs/erotica, member requests, my first members’ show happening TOMORROW (9PM GMT), Snapchat access, Twitter follow and over the next week I’ll be letting members and you know what other goodies you get – I will be adding some discounted services too! I have a bunch of stuff scheduled to be released and I’m filming and updating several times a week with new content and I do interact. I love when you leave comments and send me messages. You will get to know me. I don’t know about you, but I think you’re getting a lot for your monthly subscription. I’m nice to my boys!

If you’re not into that, at least that does mean more frequent updates to my clipsites, where you can purchase videos individually, so it’s all good! But, give it a try, you might just enjoy yourself.

Caitlin xxx

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