Exciting news!

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Members’ site. ACTIVE. You can access it here by clicking on “MEMBERS” along the menu bar, or going straight to ScottyHottie.Scot

I could tell you more here, or you can go and have a look yourself! 😀 If you just want to try it out first, there’s a week long trial option that you can choose! More features and perks to be added soon!!

Quick note re wishlists


Several of you have said that you would much rather buy me something directly, rather than either sending gift certificates, or being limited to just sex toys and lingerie. Well, there’s a new wishlist service that’s perfect for camgirls, as I can add pretty much anything I want, and my details are kept confidential. Yay! I just signed up yesterday, so feel free to have a look and buy me lots of lovely things! 😛 You know you want to! 😀

Lots of kisses,

Caitlin xxx

News about upcoming members’ site


I’ve finally started work on my members’ site, you’ll be glad to hear! I’ll currently giving myself plenty of time to have everything exactly as I want it, and looking at a lauch date of the 1st of July! Are you excited? I am!
Forget that. Turns out as I have discovered since I wrote the above that it’s already active, so I better get going a little bit faster. Some of you may have been paying attention on Twitter when I told you about the domain name I bought, and although I’ve deleted that, you may be checking up on me! I hate things being visible before they are ready and before I’m happy with them, so I’d better hurry up. I don’t want you all seeing my unfinished work! Grrr. Well, at least that gives me the push to get on with it quicker and ahead of schedule – never a bad thing!

As things stand, the plan is:

  • Videos (including exclusive videos). I understand that the majority of you will want “vanilla” content however I also have a lot of fetish fans. So there will be something like 4 vanilla videos for every fetish one, and the fetish ones will be member driven.
  • Photosets likewise.
  • There will be perks and discounts for members on some external services, and physical goods.
  • There will be member only webcam shows (frequency to be determined, but it’s likely that I will begin with a monthly… gathering). 😉

I have lots of ideas, and it’s going to be great, but that’s all I’m telling you just now! You’re going to have to wait and see!

Caitlin xxx

Kik sessions are awesome!

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This is harder than normal. I usually touch type fluently, but I got nail extensions two days ago (you should see them, they’re hot) but I maybe got them a bit longer than I should have! This post will probably be shorter than normal lol

As you may have seen, I’ve started offering Kik sessions. I’ve only had a couple of sessions but I’ve fucking loved them! I’ve done text based chat before of course, both on Skype and on Adultwork.com’s Direct IM, but it’s even better when we’re both just on our phones. It feels so bloody naughty, like we’re a couple of horny teenagers! Sending each other naughty pics too, makes it even hotter.

So please, arrange some Kik time with me! 😀 Prices are there for 30 minutes and1 hour, but if you want longer than that, just ask, and we’ll sort something out!

Caitlin xxx

PS: Funnily enough, by the end of just writing this out, I’m already typing faster – wahay!

Well, Hello!

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Hello boys!

Not sure that there’s been that much going on since my last entry here! Loving my new computer, as I’m able to cam on Adultwork again, as well as Streamate, and even doing Skype shows too (check out the “Skype” tab). On top of that – although I haven’t been doing many videos yet – shit processes so quickly on this beast, it’s bloody awesome. Was going to get back into doing 2-4 videos a week as of this week, but the other half is on holidays so I’ve been taking the evenings off. But I have lists and plans and it’s starting next week when everything is back to normal.

I am open to custom videos once more, and soon I’ll have more information here on site about them (along with erotica, Kik and other things!). In the meantime I can tell you that custom videos start at $10/minute for a minimum of 10 minutes. Use the contact form to give me as many details as you can, and I will get back to you about whether I can do it for you! For pre-made videos, check out my Clips4Sale store.

I’m off tomorrow but I’ll be on cam Friday and Saturday so come and see me! Besides Adultwork and Streamate, I’ll also be on Skyprivate, and taking bookings here through my site! Hit me up!

Caitlin xx

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