So, what’s new?!

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Skype webcam shows:

I’m now offering shows over Skype again! You can find me at scotty.hottie and you can book via one of two ways -

Cammodeldirectory and Adultwork

When you hit me up on Skype please tell me what you have in mind, where you found me and how you would like to pay for the show.

Custom videos:

I have started doing custom requests again as well as my own videos.

Check out my pre-made content on Clips4Sale and read about custom content (under main photograph) before emailing me.


Also, apologies to anyone who has contacted me in recent months about the above and been ignored. Try again!

Caitlin xx

Used items, clothing, shoes etc.

Is there something personal that you want from me? Perhaps you’re a foot fetishist and you’d like to get your hands on my used socks, stockings or shoes? Perhaps you want to have some fun with a pair of my wet panties? Something more unusual, like tight jeans that I’ve worn with no knickers?

Email me and let me know what you would like, and I’ll tell you what I can do for you! Make sure you tell me which country you’re in too, so I can tell you how much it would be. Payment will either be on or with giftcards.

Caitlin xx


Hi boys!! (and girls?)

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Apologies for the downtime! I know there’s still a few pages that aren’t working, but I’ll try to find time later today to sort it! When things go wrong with the website I just can’t be arsed, I’m afraid! But it needs done so I guess I ‘d better… ;-) I’d rather be camming with my naughty boys!

Today was an exciting day as my little doggie got to go outside for walkies for the first time! :-D We’ve been for two walks already and she’s met half a dozen people, a small child and a huge labrador!

49 days since I last had a cigarette with tobacco! Vaping all the way!

Caitlin xxx

Happy January!!

Well hello there, Happy January! I cant believe it’s almost February already!

It has been a bit of a hectic month here what with getting the new puppy and everything. She’s lovely and adorable, but she’s a wee monster. Her name is Tessa and she’s now ten weeks old! She’s a lot of hard work and has obviously been screwing up my camming schedule. I don’t have children myself however I imagine this is a lot like having a child although saying that I don’t imagine that children try to chew table legs and stuff like that! Currently due to her sleeping and peeing schedule I can only get on cam for maybe an hour or two at a time. It’s a constant cycle of peeing, eating, exhausting the puppy, getting her to fall asleep, putting her in her bed, sneaking off and camming for a short period then running back downstairs and starting all over again! However as the weeks progress she should be able to go with out going to the toilet for longer and should also be happy to stay by herself for a little bit longer so as we go on I should be able to come online more often more regularly and in a more predictable way.

As lovely as she is I’m missing camming regularly and really look forward to getting online! You may have seen that my schedule currently indicates that I’m on all day every day, however this just means that I’ll be online at some point during the day! When I can! For a better idea, you should follow me on Twitter because I tweet my plans for the day, when I’m almost online and when I’m online! If that’s all just too much effort then you should check out my many many videos!

Caitlin xxx


Happy New Year to all!

I must say, in many ways, 2013 has been a right cunt. Webcamming and a good man have kept me going, as there’s been a lot of shit going on too but lets not dwell on the crap. I just can’t wait to get to 2014 and start afresh! It’s going to be a banging year – lets make it the best yet! Lets work hard and play harder! ;-)

I’ve had such a good year on cam, moving to, meeting a lot of really cool guys, really enjoying myself! More of the same for 2014 and it will be awesome!

Getting my puppy on the 7th and I can’t wait! I pretty much have everything that I need for her moving in, just need the wee pup! Here’s a more recent photo of her:


As always, check out my schedule, and come and see me here! (ps: when a day is listed as “unscheduled” it doesn’t always mean I won’t be on, sometimes it means I might be or that I’m not sure when I’ll be on. If you want to check, mention me and ask on Twitter).

Have a fantastic Hogmanay and lets enjoy a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Love and Kisses,

Caitlin xxx

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