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New video “Red Thong Sniffing”


Check it out in my main Clips4Sale store (that means you can explore my two other stores if you like from that page, near the top on the right). Of course, if you’re more interested in actually getting a dirty pair from me to play with, you can do so here.

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I need a new computer! Have done for a while. Each laptop I get kind of lasts me a year, because so far I’ve just been buying any old crap. So I’ve been on one of these “build it yourself” websites, where you choose all the components, and I’ve “built” one serious megabeast! I had just been waiting on them getting back to me about some questions that I sent them (I’m going to spend a lot and I’m happy to, as long as I get what I need!) which have now been answered, so I’ll probably be ordering next week or so. So exciting! I’ll be able to do anything, and all at the same time pretty much! My internet is already the best you can get in Scotland, so I just need the machine to match it!

Then come the other problems. I’ll need to move my camroom around, as I won’t be happy rolling a flat-screen monitor around on a little desk with wheels, so I’ll have to have my computer up against the wall and the bed around the other way… grr… bloody nightmare.

But hey, only six more bloody months until I move… That sounds like an awful long time. Actually, recently, I’ve been wondering about trying to leave earlier, as I can’t take much more. Living here stresses me out so much, between the littering, the fly tipping, the dog fouling, the vile brats, and the junkies. Yup, lovely street this is. Sadly it didn’t seem that bad when we came to view it, and of course the estate agent assured us that it was fine. Don’t get me wrong, I like the house, and the new estate agent and owners are grand (the initial estate agent was sacked, and I helped in that) but the area is horrible.

I dream of a house with a huge loft room with en suite bathroom. That would be my ideal camming space. A small fridge would make it perfect. Imagine the fun we could have. Funnily enough, I’ve seen a house for rent just like that which ticks my boxes, however I can bet you it won’t be available when I can take it!

Hope you’re having a great February guys! Come and see me soon!

Caitlin xxx

New video available!


If you’re a dirty boy who just loves filthy knickers that have been worn for a full day of sexy work, then you’ll love my new video Rewards for Being a Panty Sniffing Pervert. You can get it at Clips4Sale, Adultwork and ExtralunchMoney (I’ll be uploading it there tomorrow!)

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Hello hello

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Hi guys!
Hope you’re all having a fantastic start to the year! We had a fair bit of snow here this past week, almost a finger deep (my little finger anyway!). I love the snow, I’m like a little kid! Puppy (yes, she’s still “puppy”, always will be!) loved it, scampering about it in, chasing, fetching (and eating!) snowballs. Sadly, it rained lots last night and it’s all gone. :-( Oh well, it’s more snow than I’ve seen for a couple of years. And people think that Scotland is always cold…
I’ve got one new clip up on Clips4Sale. I know, just one. However, I’ve been working on ideas, and I’ve started to dedicate evenings to things other than camming (as of the other day). So far evenings have been spend tidying and re-organising my camroom, sorting paperwork, doing a big batch of photos, and now I’m on to writing up lots of clip ideas to start working through filming! So soon you should expect to see clips from me regularly, in various different categories. If you want to check out my existing clips, have a lookie here.


Caitlin xxx

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