Independent Scotland


I’ve debated writing much about the Scottish Independence referendum and the subsequent political situation in my country. It may not be a sexy subject that a camgirl should be talking about, but my biggest fans know that I’m far from being a mindless bimbo. I’m much more than just a really hot pussy! ;) At the same time I try to avoid too much talk about it in my chatroom, which is why I really wanted to write a blog about it. As far as political differences go, I’m surprised that I’ve not had any antagonistic types in my camroom (whether no voters, anti-IndyScot people from other United Kingdom countries or elsewhere in the world). I would have expected some amount of abuse, namely for the reason that I do not go to any pain whatsoever to hide my own values. I always wear my Scotland’s Proud 45 wristband, and have you ever seen a camgirl wear blue so often (I just like blue, to be honest!)? I talk with guys from all over the world, and everyone who has brought it up with me on cam has been pro-Indy and/or sympathetic.

To be fair, I would imagine that most people from other countries would be disappointed to find out a Scottish camgirl would “trade in her country’s potential for the lies she’s been told”. I’ve never been British. I don’t like or dislike English people any more than anybody else. People who think that clearly don’t understand the Yes campaign. We’re a country with a long history, rich culture and traditions, known worldwide for things from haggis, to St Andrews Uni, to golf, to Nessie – a million things. We are a country, so shouldn’t we be independent like everyone else? The American’s celebrate the 4th of July, yet Obama was “glad the Union remained intact”. Go figure.

I can’t lie. On the 19th of September when the results came through (although I’d given up before Edinburgh was announced) I was completely devastated. It was like someone I loved had died. It was a horrible time, especially living in North Lanarkshire, which was one of the four areas with a yes majority (don’t get me started on how misleading those maps the Unionists like to show are, they make it look like it was 5/95 instead of 45/55). That morning when I took my dog for a walk it was eerily quiet outside, and I couldn’t look at anybody I passed – what if they had voted no? Symbolically, the first person I passed was carrying a box Tunnocks’ teacakes (Unionist company).

However, despite the initial gloom that settled over us Yessers (and all the people who had already decided that they shouldn’t have voted no) things are now a lot brighter. The Scottish National Party is now by far the largest political party in Scotland, and the third largest in the UK as a whole with 92.157 members. However, that number is from yesterday, and considering that between the start and the end of leader Nicola Sturgeon’s speech (at her final event on the SNP tour) it went up by 2000… the number is likely to be higher now! Meanwhile the media still bleats bullshit. A recent poll showed that over 70% of Scots want a second referendum. But how was this presented in the news? With headlines such as “30% of Scots never want another referendum. LOL. I wish many Scots had seen the light sooner, but next time Westminster can say bye bye.

It was perhaps overly optimistic to think that independence would be so easy – to just vote for it. Between the last moment desperation tactics from Westminster, the constant media bias (especially from state controlled BBC outlets), a momentarily forgotten sense of Scottish-ness from over half of Scots, and the most terrible example of mass Stockholm Syndrome ever seen, it just couldn’t happen. Yet. The future is bright, and we are just getting started. It will happen, and in my lifetime.

Caitlin x

Time for me to blether


So, it’s been fucking forever since I gave you sometime to read over your morning coffee! The time has come! Get comfortable, because I predict that this blog post is going to be a long one!Two topics predominantly, my holiday in Egypt and the Scottish situation.

We’ll start with my holiday (although I’ll add it was supposed to be during a much happier time, oh well). It’s been years since I’ve had so much time off. It was also my first ever holiday to somewhere other than home (Greece, to visit my parents). We flew from Manchester, but thankfully that’s no longer such a long drive. I bloody hate airports so lets fast forward. The heat that hit me as I got out of the plane at Sharm El Sheik. Jeez! And that HOT wind! It’s been a while since I’ve felt heat like that as every time I’ve visited Greece since I moved back to Scotland has been Autumn/Winter.

We had been wanting to go to Cairo, however that didn’t materialize. They were not currently doing the coach trip, due to terrorist threats, so we decided that it’s probably not sensible to be flying around unnecessarily either! We just stayed down our end of Egypt, mainly lounging, swimming, eating and drinking! We did go snorkeling on a boat, went to Aquapark (34 ish water slides – did a lot of stair climbing that day!) and took the shuttle bus to the sister hotel’s beach twice for more snorkeling/getting dragged on an inflatable thing by a powerboat, going on a pedal boat. We also ventured out in the evenings to Soho Square twice (amazing water and music show!) and once to Old Market (rather intimidating as everyone is trying to get you to look in their shop, hemming in on you – ended up almost hiding in a shisha bar until our taxi came back to take us to the hotel again). The hotel was lovely, shame about the all inclusive wrist bands that we had to wear throughout, but the free alcohol made up for it. We got “towel art” from housekeeping on our last day, we were sad to get into bed and ruin it.

Don’t want to go on forever, but I had a great time! Shame I’ve not got much colour to show for it – Factor 30 does one hell of a job! LOL Not sure I was any more rested when I came back than when I went though! Traveling is stressful! I hate airports, planes, tickets and shite – I just like being elsewhere!

OK, we’ll make it two parts. I’ll be back to write about the referendum and the ensuing situation.

Caitlin xx

Long time no chat!


Sorry that it’s been so long! I’ve been moving house and it’s been a nightmare! Isn’t it always!! It’s been ages since I moved to a completely different area, so firstly we needed multiple van trips to take all our stuff there, plus being in a different area means new doctors etc, and all the usual change of address shit, new insurance quotes blah blah.

Meanwhile the dog had a toilet training relapse and went on the carpet a few times, and I had to keep the cats in for two weeks, so they would know where they live. Today was the first day that they were allowed out, which put me back a lot today, as I’ve keep checking the door all morning as they’ve been coming and going. At least they are coming back, but I’m still nervous.

That’s about all really! Haven’t been camming much because of everything, but I’m almost all back to normal now, although I’ve not quite finished unpacking yet.

Caitlin xxx

It’s summer time!



Hello boys and girls!

I’ve just logged off cam and I’m writing a quite update for you – it’s been way too long since my last blog entry. Sorry!! I kept coming here, but then getting distracted by other things and not writing. What are you going to do? Spank me? Yes, please! ;-) It’s glorious weather here at the moment, so I’m going to go sit outside for a bit with a cheeky beer. Living in Scotland, you really have to take advantage of the three days of summer. Honestly.

So it’s a busy month. I’m camming, doing custom videos, keeping up with all you guys on Twitter and the like! The puppy never stops, full of energy and hard to tire out. Saying that, we did take her to a BBQ the other week where there were 6 kids wanting to play with her, so she was pretty tired after that! A sleepy puppy is a happy owner! ;-)  At the end of the month I’m moving house, into a new area. I’m trying to be organised and it’s all well underway – lots of stuff is already packed and sitting in the garage in boxes, I’ve been doing DIY and also already sorted out my new internet for the new house, and redirected my mail. Score! Still loads to do though, but hopefully I won’t have too much to do in the final week before moving! Kind of exciting, moving to somewhere where I know nobody and nothing, but change is good! It’ll all be fine.

Guess what? When I move I can have super duper fantastic fucking internet!!! I’ll have a download of 152 and an upload of 12! So firstly and most importantly, you’ll be able to see me on cam in amazing video quality – every wart! :-P Also, expect more videos on Clips4Sale, as uploading them will barely take me any time at all!! To understand how big a deal this is, my current internet is 18 down, 0.91 up!! Which, obviously, hinders me quite a bit! Soooo excited!!! Moving date is the 29th, internet is installed on 30th. I probably won’t be on till the day after that. Saying that, chances are I’ll really really want to try it out on Streamate and I’ll come online briefly just to come in my pants at the picture quality!! :-D

Be good! Love you lots!

Caitlin xx


Can you believe it’s May already?!

Picture 429

May is finally here! It’s also ten months since I was attacked in the street at night and I’ve got court for that next week. Pretty terrified, as I’ve never been to court before in any capacity whatsoever. I’ve been stressing over it like a bitch for months, more so as the date gets closer. *Deep breath*. I just keep thinking that it will soon be behind me and I can stop worrying about it, so there’s a silver lining right there. I’m not going to beg, but if you want to make me smile you can, or you can just come see me on cam and give me an orgasm, that’ll work too! ;-)

Caitlin xxx

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